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Yesterday we received a contribution from the blogger Paulo from Portugal. He had already attracted our attention several times with very good, clever and differentiated contributions.

In his blog, he compared the Saare 41ac with the Swedish competitor from the island of Orust with a lot of effort and precision.
His comparison is about many things such as build quality, comfort and price comparisons, but also very extensive about technical details and sailing characteristics, as well as characteristics and safety reserves of the hull design.

The very detailed article is not easy to read and is rather technically oriented. But it also describes many things that simply make a sailing yacht better and safer under certain conditions.  And finally, the report compares and evaluates the two yachts very clearly.

Blog of interesting sailboats

Almost all of his statements can also be transferred 1 : 1 to the Saare 41cc² and the new Saare 41.2. The hull and rig are identical, as are the keel and rudder.

If you have any questions about our yachts or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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