Details of a Saare below deck

Even below deck, a Saare yacht offers solutions in many details that are particularly beautiful, durable and sensibly designed.
It’s often the little things that make the difference. At sea, at the latest, it becomes clear whether everything has been thought of and whether everything has been designed to be practical and usable for the crew with great attention to detail.

We can design the entry into the forward berths in very different ways.

In the first photo you see a Saare 38.2 with an interior made of oak with a step to get into the bunk better and more comfortably. There is a large drawer under the tread.

The second photo shows a Saare 41ac. There is also a step here and an insert plate can also be placed at the height of the bunk to provide a small cushion.

The third photo shows a Saare 38 with a mahogany finish and a completely closed front. There are two large drawers below the lying surface.

All cupboards and also the storage areas in the pantry and salon on the Saare yachts are provided with elegant ventilation slots.

We would be happy to implement your special requests. Here you can see some examples of customizations below deck.