The Saare 41ac is extremely versatile. With two or three cabins, one or two heads, lots of storage space and comfort, the Saare 41ac is suitable for single-handed sailors, family crews, long-distance sailors and demanding leisure sailors. Participating in club and long-distance regattas is also fun with this yacht.

Stable rub rail, large sail storage space, walk-in locker, separable shower, good cockpit and very high-quality construction are just a few points in which this yacht clearly differs from other yachts.

The owner’s comfort version is the most popular cabin layout. It offers an enormous amount of space below deck, maximum comfort and plenty of storage space for 2 to 4 people. With the walk-in locker, the large waterproof sail storage space in the foredeck, additional lockers and storage spaces, all of the equipment for a long trip can be stowed away very well.

The owner’s cabin in the foredeck is located between the sail storage area and the main bulkhead. The bunk is around 2.05 m long and 116 cm wide at the foot. At the head end the width is well over 2 m. There are two large cupboards on each side, plus shelves and drawers.

In 2012 we sailed the first Saare 41ac from Estonia to Eckernförde in the fall. A crossing that was almost constantly very windy to stormy (up to 43 kn) was autumnally cold, but after the trip it was clear what this yacht can achieve. Always safe, always uncomplicated and easy to handle and being able to sail under autopilot in all conditions was convincing across the board.

Two years later we took part in the eel regatta from Kiel to Eckernförde with our Saare 41ac. With 137 participants, we were the sixth yacht to reach the finish line. Calculated by yardstick, we won over everything. It was very calm, at the start there was about 8 kts of wind, later only 3 to 6 kts. Even with very little wind, the Saare 41ac is very fast.

On deck of the Saare 41ac

Whether alone, as a couple or with the family, the Saare 41ac is always a perfect cruising yacht that is a pleasure to sail. A well-trimmable rig, the best fittings and a clever deck layout make the processes on board easy, safe and relaxed.

Surprisingly fast under sail and easy to maneuver in the harbor, the Saare 41ac impresses in all wind conditions. With the high ballast content of the low-mounted lead keel, the 41ac sails very safely and with stable course.

Almost all photos also show optional equipment and special customer requests.

Unter deck in the Saare 41ac


We build the Saare 41ac in very different versions depending on our customers’ wishes. Countless variations are possible; we have already built two or three cabins and one or two wet rooms.

The interior work is always carried out in the very best Saare quality in fine Khaya mahogany or light European oak, grained vertically or horizontally. Many solid wood parts and glued curves determine the elegant ambience.

Almost all photos also show optional equipment and special customer requests.

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