A sailing yacht as unique as its owner

Saare Yachts OÜ builds very high-quality, modern and at the same time timeless cruising yachts in a small, fine yacht shipyard in Estonia. Every sailing yacht from Saare Yachts is as unique as its owner. No two yachts are identical. From 38 to 46 feet as a center cockpit or aft cockpit version, our yachts can be individually designed in a variety of configurations.

Would you like to find out more about the shipyard? You can read our history here.

Perfect craftsmanship in a real yacht building factory, the very best materials, sensible, seaworthy equipment and an open, trusting collaboration with our customers are the external expression of traditional values.

The classic Saare yacht shipyard has been building boats and sailing yachts for many years – always with the aim of perfection for every sailing yacht.

Saare Yachts OÜ and Yachtsport Eckernförde GmbH & Co. KG are very closely connected. The Eckernförder company has been the owner of the shipyard in Estonia since 2016, and communication channels are short and direct.

You can buy directly from our managing director Peeter Sääsk in the shipyard in Estonia or order your Saare yacht in Eckernförde with Thomas and Niels Nielsen as your contacts. In any case, we will be happy to advise you comprehensively and look forward to good discussions from sailor to sailor.

Saare 41.2

NEW from 2023

After the great success of the Saare 38.2, which was presented as a special 2-person yacht at the Boot in Düsseldorf in 2019, the Saare 41.2 will follow in 2023.
By the way, Addition 2 does not apply as Version 2 or Mark 2 or something similar, as is often the case with other shipyards, but is a clear indication of the optimal crew size on board. As the Saare 41.2, probably the best cruising yacht for 2 people or single-handed sailing.
On deck, the new Saare 41.2 has some special features that make life on board much easier, even for single-handed sailors or older crews. A central halyard winch is electrified as standard and also helps with setting and reefing the mainsail.
The newly wrapped targa bar above the companionway accommodates the main sheet, the attachment point far back on the boom is perfect and the cockpit still remains free of the sheet or a traveler.

Saare 41cc

In 2008, Saare Werft began to establish its own brand. Previously, over 220 complete yachts had been built for the Finnish Finngulf shipyard. They wanted to become more independent with their own models.

This center cockpit yacht was based on the ideas of the former owner of the Finngulf shipyard. Now retired, he brought Finngulf in-house designer Karl-Johan Strahlmann with him and developed this new cruising yacht together with the shipyard team in Estonia.

The first major successes were achieved with the introduction of the Saare 41, an elegant cruising yacht. The reviews from the European trade press and countless trade fair visitors and sailors were unanimously very positive. The nomination for election as a yacht was a special award and confirmed the very high quality standard.

Saare 38

The Saare 38, a classic aft cockpit yacht, was the second development in our model series. It followed the 41cc in the summer of 2011 and was extremely successful from the start. This yacht quickly found many enthusiastic owners, especially in Finland and Germany. The first three Saare 38s were sold in Finland before construction of the first 38 even began.

Our Saare 38 customers sail this yacht on long trips in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and of course the North and Baltic Seas. The deck layout is perfect, the traveler is within direct access to the helmsman, all halyards are led aft and this yacht can not only be sailed very quickly, but above all easily and safely. Some of our Saare sailors also successfully take part in club regattas; the yardstick value of 92 (with spinnaker and genoa) underlines the high standards.

Saare 41ac

The first three Saare 41acs were built in 2012. This elegant aft cockpit yacht is based on the fast hull of the Saare 41cc. There are many different interior layouts to choose from with 2 or 3 cabins and 1 or 2 wet cells. The interior concepts of this yacht were completely developed in Eckernförde and delight our customers and the trade press.

The owner’s comfort version is particularly popular. With a very spacious owner’s cabin in the foredeck, a beautiful salon with a chart table, the large galley and a guest cabin in the stern area as well as a beautiful bathroom with a separable shower, this yacht was very popular with our customers from the start.

We equip our own Saare 41ac with very high quality EPEX sails from Elvström. We not only enjoy being particularly comfortable and safe with this yacht, but also noticeably fast.

All Saare yachts are particularly characterized by their many large storage spaces below deck and, above all, on deck.

Saare 38.2

The Saare 38.2 emerged from an idea that emerged from many very intensive customer discussions and our observations in the ports. Many crews travel with two people and therefore don’t need a guest cabin at all, but rather want a lot of storage space and maximum comfort.

We took the existing hull of the Saare 38 sailing yacht as a basis and adapted the interior to provide maximum comfort for 2 people. Something unique has been achieved with the Saare 38.2; there is no comparable yacht on the market.

This new version has, among other things, a waterproof sail storage space in the bow. This not only creates storage space, but the bow bunk slides slightly aft and is therefore even more comfortable and wider. The galley has been slightly enlarged and the wet room to starboard aft is also very comfortable with a separable shower area. The very good sailing characteristics of the proven Saare 38 were retained.

Used Yachts

Sailors regularly ask about used Saare yachts.

Unfortunately the offer is very small. Due to the relatively small number of Saare yachts and the fact that our owners keep their Saare for a very long time, often passing them on in the family, passing them on or often already have interested parties in their ports and sailing clubs, only a very few Saare yachts are built each year the market.

In recent years we have offered several Saare 38, 41ac and 41cc and have always been able to sell them very quickly. However, the interest in used Saare yachts far exceeds the supply.

As soon as we can offer a new, used yacht, we will immediately send initial information about it via email to all interested parties in our newsletter.