Dear Sir or Madam,
dear Saare friends,

in the end we are missing a few days. The new Saare 47 will unfortunately not be ready in time for the Ancora Yacht Festival.
We are sorry for all the Saare fans who were looking forward to seeing this special yacht. We are also sorry for the organizer of the fair, now the most exciting world premiere of the year is missing. Even if the new Saare will not be in Neustadt now, it is still worth visiting the fair. There are similar boats, it is worth taking a look at them, then visiting the new Saare 47 in Eckernförde and seeing the relevant differences.

We are still in Estonia, the Saare is in the shipyard hall and a lot of final work is still being done. All colleagues are working very concentrated and committed. We want a perfect yacht, more overtime makes no sense.
In the coming week we will crane and rig the boat and then set off towards Eckernförde. If everything goes well, we will be in Eckernförde on Sunday or Monday.
We would like to invite you to visit us and view the new Saare 47. Please send us an email to arrange an appointment.

In this newsletter you will find:

News about the new Saare 47
Information about the Neustadt trade fair
Test sailing of the Saare 41.2 and the Saare 38.2
New website section

New section on the website:
What makes a Saare so good?

On our website we have now started to post interesting texts, drawings and photos that explain in great detail what makes a Saare yacht so exceptionally good.

There are huge differences in construction and design, material and design and execution between a mass-produced yacht and a Saare yacht. But a Saare also differs from most other high-priced yachts in many important details in a very positive way.

We are convinced that a really good and individually designed sailing yacht can only be built in small series. We do this in the best possible way.

We are currently showing the design features of our keel. The mere fact that we install lead keels at Saare Yachts is almost a unique selling point these days. But even more important is the connection of the keel to the hull and the force transmission of the large loads. We are now almost alone with this very complex, durable and safe construction.
You will also find some information about the rubbing strake on Saare yachts and other topics.
We will continuously expand this section on the website with new articles and go into many important details that are not always apparent at first glance.


Do you already know this video?

Flexima mattresses

On the Saare 41.2 and also on the 38.2 we supply the excellent mattresses from Flexima from Austria in the owner’s cabins as standard. On the new Saare 47 you will find this perfect solution in both the owner’s cabin and the guest cabin.
At the trade fair in Neustadt at the yacht festival you will also find the boss of Flexima from Austria with his own stand. There you can get advice and even try out the mattresses.


Volvo engines

We install the tried and tested Volvo engines in our Saare yachts. Volvo Penta has now given approval for all engines we install to use the 100% synthetic and recyclable HVO 100 fuel.
This new fuel is more sustainable and significantly less harmful to the environment and emits 90 to 95% less CO2. There is less soot and pollution from diesel plague is no longer possible.

News from the shipyard

The new Saare 47 is now being completed. Unfortunately a few days too late to be able to shine as a world premiere at the yacht festival in Neustadt.

On our Facebook page you will always find new photos and videos of the construction of the new Saare 47 and insights into the work of the shipyard.

We will also be able to show the first photos of the Saare 47 in the water and under sail in a few days.

The new Saare 47 can be viewed and test sailed in Eckernförde in June.

Please call us or send an email to arrange an appointment.

Saare 41.2    &    Saare 38.2      

By prior appointment, a viewing and also a test sailing in Eckernförde is possible.

Owner gallery on

We would like to invite all Saare owners and sailors to email us a few photos, videos or reports from their trips and journeys this summer. We will then publish them in a new section on our website. This can be done anonymously, with the boat name or with the owner’s name.

We are excited to see where the Saare owners are traveling with their yachts.

Now the season can start.

Our new Saare 47 is almost ready to sail, we will sail the first 550 nautical miles from Estonia to Eckernförde in the coming days.

We look forward to your visit

Thomas and Niels Nielsen

If you would like to sail your new Saare yacht in the 2025 season, we urgently need to arrange a meeting now.
There is only one building site available for the 2025 season.
A first delivery date for the 2026 season has also already been booked.

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