Saare Yachten – Built by sailors for sailors

Safety, solidity, longevity and maximum benefit are the focus of every Saare yacht.

Saare Yachts is a European-style project. A small, fine yacht shipyard with a lot of experience and very good craftsmen in Estonia, an outstanding yacht designer from Finland and German owners and idea generators with more than 30 years of experience in trading sailing yachts have come together to form a successful team.

The claim to build the best yachts of this size, the curiosity to always test and try out new things and the openness to even unusual requests from the clients lead to very special yachts.

The shipyard

Saare Yachts OÜ is a small yacht shipyard in Estonia. We build around 5 to 6 yachts each year ranging in size from 38 to 46 feet. We also build the Saare H-boat in our shipyard in Estonia.

The Saare yachts have been developed and built since 2007. Previously, the shipyard had built over 220 complete sailing yachts for the Finnish Finngulf shipyard for 13 years.

The island of Saaremaa is the Estonian boat and yacht building center. The Saare Yachts shipyard in the small fishing village of Nasva is located near the island’s capital Kuressaare. In collegial cooperation with other shipyards in the area, with the vocational school for Estonian boat builders and with the department of the Tallinn University of Technology, which also maintains a 50 m long towing tank in Kuressaare, even very demanding tasks can be solved.

Construction of the hull and deck     

We build all hulls and decks using vacuum infusion. Air pockets in the laminate are thus eliminated, osmosis can practically no longer occur, the entire component becomes a little lighter, but above all stiffer and stronger – the great effort is worth it.

We only work with high-quality vinyl ester laminating resin. This resin has a higher adhesive strength than the usual polyester resin and leads to very stable constructions.

We offer a 5-year guarantee against the occurrence of osmosis damage.

Saare Yachts is one of the very few shipyards in the world that not only glues the often critical and highly stressed connection from the hull to the deck all the way around, but also laminates it in multiple layers. This is the only way to create a boat hull that is truly permanently stable, torsion-free and waterproof.

The interior design                   

Anyone who likes and can enjoy perfect craftsmanship will immediately feel in good hands in a Saare yacht. The eye can hardly get enough of the elegant, shapely curves, the even gaps and the construction, which is worked with great attention to detail.

The structural bulkheads are laminated to both sides of the hull and deck, providing additional stiffness to the hull. The doors in the yacht, the large table top, but also the flaps and doors to the storage spaces and cupboards are manufactured as sandwich surfaces in the shipyard’s own carpentry workshop. A wooden frame is filled with a paper honeycomb construction, so-called honeycomb, and glued on both sides with a thick layer of veneer. This construction makes the surface torsion-free and saves weight.

The interior is currently finished in classic mahogany or light European oak.

Technology and innovation         

Of course, you will find LED lights everywhere on board a Saare; on deck we use the best LED position lights from Lopolight. We have been working with lithium batteries on board since 2018 and are always looking for the best solutions. Energy management on board a long-haul yacht is particularly important. Wind and water generators, but also solar cells and diesel generators as well as fuel cells can be found on board Saare yachts.

But the life raft compartment of the 41ac, the windshield with a stainless steel frame, the German Main Sheet System, the many control and function buttons on the control column and many other things show the ongoing innovations and improvements on board our yachts.


We pay great attention to environmental protection and sustainability in many areas. The entire shipyard is heated with wood, the workplaces and the halls are illuminated with LED lamps. We have been using Flexiteek PVC decking as an alternative to teak for years.

However, a yacht is primarily sustainable because it lasts particularly long and can be used for generations. This is what Saare Yachts stand for.

Visiting the shipyard     

You are always welcome to take a look at the construction of the Saare yachts in the shipyard.

The employees look forward to curious looks and are happy to explain their work and the construction of the Saare yachts.

A trip to the shipyard is worth it. A day or two in Tallinn offers great impressions of this city, which moves between Hanseatic times and state-of-the-art IT technology. Estonia has taken on an absolute role model role worldwide in many things. It’s not just Skype that was invented here.

In Kuressaare on the beautiful island of Saaremaa you can live very comfortably, find first-class restaurants and enjoy the traditional health resort. The shipyard is then only 4 km away, in the small fishing village of Nasva on the Bay of Riga.

Would you like to find out more about our shipyard? – Gladly