Photographs of a Saare 41ac off the northernmost part of Ireland.

Ladies and Gentlemen dear Saar friends,

Spring is quickly approaching, the start of the 2024 season is not far off.
The berths on the Baltic Sea coast that were damaged in the storm in October have largely been repaired, but some ports remain closed. The demand for berths on the Baltic Sea has increased even further; it is practically impossible to find a free place.

For many years we have been offering our Saare owners a complete solution with a berth here in Eckernförde, or in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa, and also winter storage with full service.
Because there are always some Saare owners who go on a long trip in the Baltic Sea after a few years and sail around the world, we have a small fluctuation in the port and can always accommodate new Saare yachts. We have Saare owners in our harbor from all over Germany, but currently also several from Switzerland and Luxembourg.

In this newsletter you will find:

  • Test sailing on the Saare 41.2
  • Test sailing on the Saare 38.2
  • News from the shipyard
  • A note about insuring your yacht
  • Further news about the new Saare 47
  • Used boat offers / We are looking…

Saare 41.2      

We craned our Saare 41.2 and made it ready for sailing immediately after returning from Düsseldorf. We had already arranged test sailing dates for February.
The exhibition yacht from Düsseldorf has now been sold, but is available to us for viewings and other dates for test sailing – by prior arrangement.

Testvideo from the Yacht Magazin

Saare 38.2      

It is possible to experience and test the Saare 38.2 at sea from the beginning of April. Since this yacht is a private ship, these dates must be specifically planned and coordinated.


You are also welcome to visit our other yachts in Eckernförde at any time.

News from the shipyard

Saare Yachts in Estonia works at full capacity. In the last few months we have been able to hire 4 additional, well-qualified employees and can now deliver a little faster and earlier.
A man is currently working on an H-boat, which is almost finished and will soon be brought to Germany by trailer and ferry.
The construction of a Saare 41.2 for a customer from Austria is slowly coming to an end. The client couple was recently at the shipyard and admired the very focused and careful work on their ship.
The new Saare 47 continues to require the most effort. A team works on the deck, assembles fittings and winches and prepares the deck for assembly on the hull. Some boat builders and mechanics work in the hull. Tanks and hoses, many cables, pipes and connections, but also the heating, cooling units, shower fittings, pumps and valves and many other technical units must be installed. Work continues on the timber construction, there is still a lot to do in all areas.
A few days ago, the employees in the laminating department started building the next hull for a Saare 41.2.

On our facebook page  you will now constantly find new photos and videos from the construction of the new Saare 47 and insights into the work of the shipyard.


Due to the severe damage and total losses to many yachts during the storm surge on the Baltic Sea in October, there are good reasons to think about the current insurance amounts. Fortunately, no Saare yacht was seriously affected.

The owners of the affected yachts are now faced with the problem that their insurance/compensation amounts are generally far from sufficient to purchase an adequate new ship. The passage NEW for OLD doesn’t help either. Yachts have become so much more expensive in recent years that the compensation amount is at best enough for a used yacht.
Talk to your insurance company and find out whether increasing your insurance sum is important and sensible.
We recommend the insurance broker Pantaenius in Hamburg to our customers. We also insured our yachts and the entire operation there.

Information about the new Saare 47 can also be found on our website

The interior work is progressing well, the big decisions have been made, but there is still an endless amount of detailed work to be done. In the saloon we will install two elegant armchairs in a fresh Nordic design to starboard. Alternatively, a particularly wide, comfortable lounger can be built here as a resting place. This is also a very nice place as an additional bunk, for a wake-up call or for a peaceful afternoon nap.
The galley is designed for sea use and offers plenty of space for dishes, cooking utensils and supplies. There will only be one large sink on our ship, but a double sink is of course also possible. Three cooling units are installed, each with its own water-cooled compressor. A large cool box and an equally large freezer box complement the 130 l refrigerator.
Cooking on our Saare 47 is electric. We install the Levante 2 induction cooker from GN Espace.
But all of these things can also be chosen and designed individually. Of course, you can also get a gas stove on the Saare 47, for us an electric stove has already proven itself on the Saare 41.2 and we prefer this solution.
With the powerful 48 V on-board electrical system with large lithium batteries, solar cells and a powerful alternator, we do not need a generator and can report after the season and a 3-month test drive how this configuration has proven itself.
We have once again moved away from the original plan to install an electric drive. It seems to us that the infrastructure on land is not yet sufficiently prepared and the generator technology has not convinced us either. Now the tried and tested Volvo D2 diesel engine with 75 HP/55 kW is back on board with an additional 48 V alternator.

In the Saare development team we have now discussed the possibility of offering a rudder with a half skeg. This request was brought to us by sailors who wanted to go on a really big trip. Our designer in Finland has calculated this and now we can also offer this variant as an option.


Click on the image to see an overflight of the current construction progress of the new Saare 47. We regularly post on Facebook and Instagram about the current construction progress and other interesting topics about our Saare yachts.

Ued boats at yse

The Saare 41.2 from Düsseldorf and the Saare 41ac from Mariehamn / Aalands have been sold. We can currently offer a Saare motorboat Stormer 7. You can view this small, fine motor yacht in Eckernförde.

We are looking for used Saare yachts for registered customers. The demand is great!

The Saare 38 and 38.2 are particularly in demand, but there are also many interested parties for all 41 models.
Give us a call if you want to sell your Saare. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and our knowledge of the yachts down to the last detail, we can offer you a market-oriented and fair price assessment and therefore a quick and stress-free sale.

yse used boats

We are looking forward to the season with our new Saare 47. If everything works out, we will transfer the yacht from Estonia directly to the trade fair in Neustadt, Germany at the end of May.

If you would like to sail your new Saare yacht in the 2025 season, we should arrange a detailed discussion now. Due to the strong demand and some test sailing and decision-making dates at the beginning of April, we currently expect to utilize our options in the shipyard until the summer of 2025.

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