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After the great success of the Saare 38.2, which was presented as a special 2-person yacht at the Boot in Düsseldorf in 2019, the Saare 41.2 will follow in 2023.

The Saare 38.2 thrilled many sailors and customers, as well as the specialist audience and the press. The praise and comments were overwhelming and interest was high right from the start.

Never before have the demands of a two-person crew or a single-handed sailor been implemented so consistently and demandingly. The development of this concept was based on the observations of the Saare development team and took place in close consultation with the first clients.

Customer inquiries and our own considerations have led to the great Saare 41ac being further developed in this direction and rebuilt as the Saare 41.2.

By the way, Addition 2 does not apply as Version 2 or Mark 2 or something similar, as is often the case with other shipyards, but is a clear indication of the optimal crew size on board. As the Saare 41.2, probably the best cruising yacht for 2 people.

During an intensive test season with our Saare 41ac in the summer of 2022, some new developments were tried out in practice and optimized a bit. Now the Saare 41.2 is coming onto the market as, on the one hand, a very tried and tested yacht with first-class, safe and uncomplicated sailing and maneuvering properties and, on the other hand, as a further developed, extremely contemporary and innovative yacht.

Everything is available for a demanding 2-person crew. The owner’s cabin in the foredeck is very spacious, offers a huge bunk and lots of closet and storage space. The saloon is cozy and practical in port and at sea. The sofa berths can be used excellently as sea berths.

A classic card table is available and the large pantry leaves nothing to be desired. The wet room next to the companionway offers space for a toilet (installed lengthwise and can therefore also be used at sea), a large washbasin with a wall cupboard and a comfortable, separable shower area.

The Saare 41.2 is particularly impressive because of its many, very large and perfectly usable storage spaces. On deck there is a large sail storage space in the foredeck aft of the anchor locker. Closed with a waterproof hatch, you can store 3 to 4 sails, a dinghy or bicycles here. There is a special storage space on the transom for the liferaft (optional), as well as 2 stern lockers. There are 2 shallow lockers in the cockpit for the usual mooring line needs. The special highlight are the two large, walk-in storage spaces in the rear part of the yacht. The room on the starboard side is accessed through the shower. From here, many technical units, the electrical system, the autopilot drive, the on-board heater, charger and inverter, etc. are easily accessible.

Aft of the pantry, the second large storage space offers a shelf with storage boxes and plenty of space for other things such as an oilskin cupboard, a freezer box and other individual solutions.

No two Saar yachts are the same. We offer many different options and variants. Our customers very often have very special wishes and ideas, which we then implement individually for them. The following photos also show the implementation of optional and very personal wishes and special equipment.

The high-quality construction, using exclusively vinyl ester resin for the hull and deck, the vacuum infusion process and the first-class wooden interior are well known. Only the best components from the respective world market leaders for the rig, fittings, engine and navigation electronics are used on the Saare yachts. The lead keel is a quality feature that is rarely seen anymore and the extremely solid floor assembly, which extends into the deep bilge, is something unique in this form.

On deck, the new Saare 41.2 has some special features that make life on board much easier, even for single-handed sailors or older crews. A central halyard winch is electrified as standard and also helps with setting and reefing the mainsail.

The new Saare 41.2 offers a very comfortable owner’s cabin in the foredeck. The very large double berth (length 2.10 m, 2.25 m wide aft and 1.20 m wide at the bow) is equipped with a particularly good Flexima Nautic mattress (18 cm thick). There is plenty of cupboards and storage space, as well as storage space under the bunk.

2 deck hatches and 2 windows in the superstructure as well as 2 hull windows allow light and air into the interior.

The side paneling can be covered with vinyl-covered, white surfaces or made with solid wooden strips as a path. In both cases, the cladding insulates and is ventilated.

The interior is usually made of fine Khaya mahogany or light European oak (grained horizontally or vertically).

The new Saare 41.2 also offers a real card table. The sofa berths can also be used as real sea berths. There are water and diesel tanks under the sofas. Amidships, deep down, is the best place for the tanks.

The table is available in different versions, with two folding side wings or as a modern folding table with or without an additional cool box.

If desired, a retractable television can be installed behind the backrest on the starboard side.


The already excellent wet room with a large, separable shower area has been revised and now offers even more comfort.

Where there are otherwise aft cabins, the Saare 41.2 has a large storage space. These rooms can be reached from the cockpit, but above all they can also be accessed from the saloon. On the starboard side you can access the locker room through the wet room, where, among other things, the optional washing machine is installed. The engine room and the installation areas for the on-board electrical system, the standard heating and the autopilot can also be reached from here.

On the port side you can access the large storage space through a door next to the galley. There are various expansion options with storage boxes, a heated oilskin cabinet or large storage cupboards. Optionally, a guest cabin with a double berth can also be installed in this area.

The new floor covering in the cabins is visually beautiful and, above all, very practical. The design floor is non-slip, scratch-resistant, hard-wearing and long-lasting. It is harmless to the environment and health and is also suitable for humid environments.

We offer different decors to match the types of wood and upholstery used.

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