Used Yachts

We always strive to offer used Saare yachts. The demand is huge, but unfortunately the supply is very limited.

Saare owners keep their yachts much longer than owners of other brands of yachts. Ships are often passed down within the family, inherited or sold in close proximity.

In addition to used Saare yachts, which we accept on behalf of the owner or in exchange when the owner orders a new Saare yacht, you will also occasionally find offers for trade fair and exhibition yachts or Saare demonstration yachts here.

We are also happy to offer you used yachts from other brands and shipyards. Occasionally these are yachts that we traded in when selling a Saare yacht. We then sell these yachts with a one-year used boat guarantee.

Whenever we have space, we also offer the proven yse complete service for used yachts. You can use a berth in our small private harbor in Eckernförde, winter storage outdoors or indoors, as well as our comprehensive winter service.