Flexima mattresses

The best standard equipment on a Saare yacht For example:  Flexima mattresses   In the owner's cabins of the Saare 38.2 and the Saare 41.2 we already supply the excellent mattresses from Flexima from Austria in the nautical version as standard. On the new Saare 47 you will find these mattresses in both [...]

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All from one provider

All from one provider Saare yachts impress with the best materials, high-quality components and first-class craftsmanship in combination with the most modern construction methods. But from a commercial perspective, the small, fine shipyard also offers clear advantages and security when buying a Saare yacht and far beyond. Both the company Yachtsport Eckernförde Nielsen [...]

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rub rail

Why is a fixed rub rail integrated on a Saare yacht? A rub rail on the outside of the hull is generally a good thing. It is very helpful when mooring in narrow boxes with stern posts, even if you are moored alongside the pier or a neighboring boat. Harbour maneuvers alone or [...]

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Why is the keel on a Saare yacht better than on almost all other sailing yachts? The entire keel of a Saare yacht is made of lead. (antimony hardened lead) Lead keels are rarely used today; they are significantly more expensive compared to a cast iron keel. In addition to a maximum low [...]

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