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Why a Saare Yacht – reasons and arguments

Saare yachts are planned and built by qualified engineers and experienced craftsmen in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa. For many years, over 200 yachts (28 to 46 feet) had been built for the Finnish shipyard Finngulf. The Estonian shipyard already had a very good reputation back then. Finngulf yachts were known for their high build quality and first-class yacht construction.

From 2007 onwards, the company’s own Saare Yachts brand was built, starting with the Saare 41cc. In the meantime, further models have been developed in the Estonian yacht manufacturer and the shipyard now enjoys an excellent reputation throughout Europe as one of the best shipyards for first-class cruising yachts.

A mixture of traditional values, craftsmanship and innovative developments characterize Saare Yachts.

However, such an individual and technically complex and careful construction also has its price. It is clear that we differ significantly from mass-produced products, not only technically but also in terms of price.

What are the differences to the yachts of other shipyards?

What makes a Saare yacht an absolute dream yacht?

In this section we want to describe and explain the many big and small and especially the invisible or less conspicuous things.

We are also happy to answer your questions or, even better, show you our yachts under construction.

You are welcome at the shipyard at any time.

If you would like to know more about individual details or have questions about our yachts and the construction of Saare yachts, please feel free to send us your question by email to info[@]yse.de. A few days later you will find a detailed answer to this topic here in this section of the website.

We will now continually expand this area. We won’t run out of topics any time soon; we can think of endless things that distinguish a Saare from almost all other sailing yachts.


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