Dear Sir or Madam,
dear Saare friends,

the new Saare 47 was craned in the shipyard on Friday 14.6.24 and the mast was put up immediately afterwards. All of this during a beautiful summer weather, with lots of good humor and great joy.
So far everything fits perfectly and all the electrical devices and units work. That is not a given, which makes us all the more delighted with this wonderful yacht.
Our employees in Estonia have done a great job!

We are now sailing this yacht to Eckernförde and will arrive there in a few days. The Saare 47 will then be available in Eckernförde for a good week for viewings and test sailing dates before we go on a long test trip to the Baltic Sea.

We are now posting more and more new photos on our website We show the Saare 47 from the outside, from the inside and also at sea under sail.

When the crane was used, we weighed the yacht and the entire rig. The mast with boom, halyards and all stays weighs 494 kg. We had expected 500 kg, so everything is perfect.

The Saare 47 (empty weight) weighs exactly 13,000 kg together with the rig. That is significantly less than expected; our intensive efforts not to make the boat too heavy have paid off. The vacuum infusion process, the sandwich construction, the particularly elaborately constructed doors and fronts with honeycomb core and many details have contributed to this great result.
The lead keel weighs 5,050 kg, resulting in a ballast share of almost 39%. And in addition, the righting moment is particularly high because the keel hangs low down on the laminated S-frame bilge.

In this newsletter you will find:

What makes a Saare so good
News from the shipyard
Impressions of the Saare 47

More about the Saare 47

New section on the website:
What makes a Saare so good?

We have started to post interesting texts, drawings and photos on our website that explain in great detail what makes a Saare yacht so good.
We will continually expand this section of the website with new articles and go into many important details that are not always apparent at first glance.
New in this section is, among other things, an article about the vinyl ester laminating resin we use and why it is an advantage for our customers to get everything from a single source.

Elvström sails

We supply the excellent and tried and tested sails from Elvström Sails from Denmark for almost all new Saare yachts. These are usually EPEX sails, but Dacron sails and Hydranet sails also make sense depending on the area of ​​travel and intended use.

After a few years, we then supply these owners with new Elvström sails for their yachts. Our owners really appreciate the uncomplicated sailing characteristics of their Saare yachts, like to sail fast and enjoy the great fun of sailing.

Our Saare 41ac owner from the Channel Island of Guernsey was recently visiting Eckernförde and picked up a new EPEX jib. Well packed, it just fit in his car.

News from the shipyard

The new Saare 47 is now ready. Unfortunately a few days too late to be able to shine as a world premiere at the yacht festival in Neustadt.
The world premiere of this great yacht will now take place in January at boot 2025.

Before that, we will test the ship extensively this season and also carry out tests with several European trade magazines.

Please call us to find out on which dates we can offer you a viewing and test sailing appointment.

The team in the shipyard is currently working on a Saare 41.2 for a British customer and on the next Saare 38.2, this time for a German owner couple.
This 38.2 is to be exhibited at boot 2025 in Düsseldorf and then chartered on the Baltic Sea from the 2025 season. This is then an ideal opportunity to extensively test the perfect sailing characteristics and the luxurious space on board a Saare.

We are also working on a custom build for a Swedish customer. This epoxy yacht in the classic American style was built by colleagues on the boat building island of Saaremaa, now our experts at Saare Yachts are doing the final interior work and the entire installation of the technical systems and equipment on this yacht.
With two further orders for a Saare 38.2, we are fully booked until summer 2025.
Unfortunately, we cannot build a Saare 47 until the end of 2025 at the earliest.

On our Facebook page you will always find new photos and videos of the new Saare 47.

Owner gallery on

We would like to invite all Saare owners and sailors to email us a few photos, videos or reports from their trips and journeys this summer. We will then publish them in a new section on our website. This can be done anonymously, with the boat name or with the name of the owner. We have already received two reports and photos, and we look forward to more reports from sailors on board their Saare yachts.

The ANANDA DVE, a Saare 38.2, is currently in Norway, on its way to the Faroe Islands.

The Saare 41ac BASILISK is sailing on the French Atlantic coast.

Another 41ac is on its way back from the USA across the Atlantic.

Now the season can start.

Our new Saare 47 is ready to sail, we will sail the first 550 nautical miles from Estonia to Eckernförde in the coming days.

We wish you a wonderful sailing summer, lots of fun with the Saare yachts and eventful and relaxing trips on all seas and oceans.

Thomas und Niels Nielsen

If you would like to sail your new Saare yacht in the 2025 season, we urgently need to arrange a meeting now.
There is only one building spot available for the 2025 season.
A first delivery date for the 2026 season has also already been booked.

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