The Saare 38.2 was developed based on the very successful and popular Saare 38. From many conversations with our customers and based on our observations in the ports, it became increasingly clear that almost all yachts only have one or two sailors. Private owners don’t need 6 – 8 berths on board, but they want maximum comfort for themselves, a safe cockpit and plenty of storage space for long journeys.

In 2018, the first owner picked up his Saare 38.2 together with his wife in Estonia. He, a very experienced sailor, had already owned 10 yachts from various Scandinavian shipyards and had now configured a very special yacht for himself. After a long holiday trip, they reached their home port in Denmark without any problems. This Saare 38.2 is equipped with bow and stern steel rudder with docking system, a furling mast and a self-tacking jib, and a complete set of electric Harken winches.

Like the Saare 38, the Saare 38.2 impresses with its very safe sailing characteristics, easy handling and optimal fittings. The yacht sails very high upwind, cruises beautifully in little and also in high wind. In addition to the perfect hull shape, the high proportion of ballast contributes to this. Even in heavy seas, the Saare 38.2 rides smoothly into the waves – a big advantage for the crew, who are placed under significantly less physical strain. With a gennaker or Code Zero the sailing fun can be increased significantly and fast trips take the crew to distant destinations.

The double berth in the foredeck has dimensions that are rarely found even on much larger yachts, with a length of over 2 m and a width at the head end of 2.05 m. The wet room with sink, toilet in the direction of travel and a separable shower area is located right next to the companionway. The spacious pantry leaves nothing to be desired and offers an enormous amount of storage space. A walk-in locker and another large locker storage space, which can also be converted into a guest cabin, complete the picture. The large, waterproof sail storage space in the foredeck accommodates additional sails, a packed inflatable boat and much more equipment.

On deck of the Saare 38.2

A big special feature on the deck of the Saare 38.2 is the large, waterproof sail storage space in the foredeck. This practical storage space for additional sails, on-board bicycles or even an inflatable boat is otherwise only found on much larger yachts.
The cockpit is identical to the tried and tested Saare 38. The halyard winch on the starboard side of the cabin roof is always installed as an electric two-speed winch on the 38.2. With additional control buttons on the control column, the helmsman can raise and lower the sails as well as reef and furl them with the best possible overview.
Almost all photos also show optional equipment and special customer requests.

Under deck in the Saare 38.2

The Saare 38.2 is a perfect yacht for 2 to 4 people. In the foredeck there is an unusually large owner’s cabin with a fantastic bed, already equipped with an 18 cm thick luxury mattress as standard. There is also plenty of closet space available in this area.

In addition to a cozy salon, a large galley and the optional guest cabin to port aft, the large wet room with a separable shower to starboard next to the companionway is another highlight on board the Saare 38.2.

Almost all photos also show optional equipment and special customer requests.

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