The Saare 38 was the shipyard’s second development. Developed together with consultants from Finland, this yacht immediately met with great enthusiasm. The first three Saare 38s were sold to Finnish sailors based on the drawings; only construction number 4 could be delivered to Germany. Most Saare 38s were picked up by their owners directly from the Kuressaare shipyard in Estonia and sailed to Germany on short transfers or very beautiful, extensive trips via Finland, Aaland, Sweden and Denmark.

This yacht impresses with its very comfortable interior design; initially all yachts were built with classic Khaya mahogany. In recent years, some Saare 38s have also been finished with light oak, some with horizontal grain. The owner’s berth and the wet room with a very spacious shower area are located in the foredeck. In the salon, both benches / sofas are 2 m long, the pantry offers a lot of work space and storage space. A real, classic chart table is located to starboard next to the companionway. Aft of this is a double cabin for guests or children. There is a large walk-in locker to port aft with access from the galley. Sails, bicycles and many other things can be stored here.

Another small baking box and two storage spaces in the rear offer additional space.

With all Saare yachts we pay great attention to usable and large storage spaces on and below deck. On many yachts from other shipyards there is often not even a place to stow fenders. Our yachts also sail wide, open seas, where fenders and other equipment should be safely stowed below deck.

Additional sails such as a gennaker also need a storage space where they can be stowed away when wet. Storing a wet gennaker in the forward cabin after a rain squall is not a good solution.

The Saare 38, like all other Saare yachts, is built in a sandwich construction. The Divinycell foam layer makes the hull and deck significantly stiffer and stronger. Another big advantage is the excellent insulation against acoustic and thermal influences. It is always pleasantly quiet inside our yachts, which you can feel especially in strong winds and waves at sea. Thermal insulation in the hull and deck is also very important. It protects against excessive heat below deck and provides perfect insulation against cold and cold water. Compared to a full laminate, you need the heating much less, even in very cold weather, and condensation practically does not occur, even in unfavorable conditions.

You can enjoy a Saare yacht in any weather.

On deck on the Saare 38

The cockpit of the Saare 38 is ergonomically well shaped, offers a lot of safety and is very comfortable. The helmsman always finds a good place behind the wheel to be able to stand safely and sit comfortably. The fittings, winches and rollers are generously sized and placed so that the Saare 38 can also be easily sailed alone.

The Saare 38 sails safely and very comfortably even in rough seas. She cruises close to the wind at a convincing height and is very fast in all conditions.

Almost all photos also show optional equipment and special customer requests.

Under deck in the Saare 38

The Saare 38 is a perfect cruising and touring yacht for 2 to 4 people. She offers plenty of storage space throughout the ship, comfortable berths, a beautiful salon with a spacious galley and a classic chart table.

The noble wooden construction conveys warmth and coziness. All interior lamps are also LED lamps, with integrated USB sockets.

The large wet cell with toilet facing the direction of travel and can also be used when sailing and also a large, separable shower area is located in front of the main bulkhead.

Almost all photos also show optional equipment and special customer requests.