The best standard equipment on a Saare yacht

For example:  Flexima mattresses


In the owner’s cabins of the Saare 38.2 and the Saare 41.2 we already supply the excellent mattresses from Flexima from Austria in the nautical version as standard.

On the new Saare 47 you will find these mattresses in both the large owner’s cabin in the stern and in the guest cabin in the foredeck.

Good, restful sleep is certainly just as important on board as it is at home.

On standard series ships, but also on many other yachts, the mattresses in the cabins are often only 8 or 10 cm thick and are usually made of soft, light foam. You notice on the first night that this solution is not good.

The mattresses in the cabins of a Saare yacht are custom-made in Austria by Flexima. Special foam and the patented plastic springs in thicknesses of 14 and 18 cm ensure maximum comfort.

The main function of the unique interior is to create constant air circulation in the mattress. Every time you move, air is pumped through the interior and moisture has no chance of lasting.

Each mattress is available in different degrees of hardness and so one side of the double bunk can be harder or softer than the other side.

A slatted frame is not necessary with a Flexima mattress.

There are matching fitted sheets in many colors tailored to the mattresses. We recommend ordering 2 sets in different colours.

Once you have slept on a Flexima mattress on board a Saare yacht, you will probably, like us, want to order these mattresses for your bed at home.

About the company Flexima

The company MM Matratzen Manufaktur GmbH is based in St. Andrä im Lavanttal and was founded in 2005. Their field of activity includes the development, production and distribution of cold foam mattresses with an integrated spring core that is free of metal. This innovative combination not only ensures comfortable and ergonomic lying, but also optimal ventilation of the mattress.

Thanks to the groundbreaking development of a metal-free spring core, the company combines the advantages of foam and spring core mattresses. The outstanding ventilation and corrosion resistance make the product particularly suitable for use in damp environments such as on yachts or caravans.

Specially made mattresses for yachts and caravans are produced in St. Andrä im Lavanttal for the global market.