Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends of Saare,

This was the boot 2024:

  • around 10% fewer visitors in Düsseldorf
  • with 34.3% even more international audience
  • 42% of visitors were interested in sailboats and yachts
  • new booth concept at Saare Yachts
We drove back from the fair very satisfied. The 9 days were exhausting, but also a lot of fun. We met many regular customers and friends and there were a lot of well-informed and enthusiastic interested parties at the booth every day.

The fact that there were slightly fewer visitors at the fair was also something we had assessed. Nevertheless, we have registered very strong, concrete interest in our stand. Demand from Germany and abroad was once again significantly better than in previous years. We had arrived with cautious expectations and were pleasantly surprised every day.

Shortly after the opening of the fair at 10 a.m., visitors were on board the Saare 41.2. The ship was densely visited throughout the day on each day of the fair. We had changed our stand concept a bit and had closed the stairs. A large number of appointments had already been made before the fair, and many more appointments were made every day. Unfortunately, we had to put off many visitors until later times or even for the following days. We wanted to have enough time for each visitor and also wanted to meet the high demands and the many questions of the guests.
We hope that we have largely succeeded in this and that all interested parties have been able to get on board.

Please keep in mind: Saare Yachts OÜ is a small, fine yacht builder. We can build a maximum of 5 yachts per year. Due to four new employees that we have been able to hire in recent months, our delivery times have now become somewhat shorter. We can still build a Saare yacht with a delivery date at the end of July 2024.

In this newsletter you will find:

  • Review of boot 2024
  • Test sailing of the Saare 41.2
  • Sails for Saare yachts
  • Saare 38.2 News
  • More news about the new Saare 47
  • Used boat offers

News from the Saare 41.2   TEST THE BEST
Many sailors saw our Saare 41.2 at the fair in Düsseldorf and were thrilled. In addition to good, imaginative concepts in interior design, a perfect deck layout and a contemporary construction method, the outstanding construction quality of our Estonian shipyard was also completely convincing.
Only the first-class sailing characteristics we could not really convey at the fairs. Many people interested in a shipyard-new Saare 41.2 and also for the exhibition yacht would like to test sail the 41.2. For this reason, we have decided to crane the exhibition ship immediately after returning from Düsseldorf and make it ready for sailing.
The first test sail dates have already been booked, from February 20th we can offer further dates.

You are also welcome to visit our other yachts in Eckernförde at any time.

Sails for Saare Yachts

Already in 2006 we started with Elvström sails with our Dufour 40R, which we had sailed very successfully at German Championships, World Championships and Baltic Sprint Cup long-distance regattas. The sails were very fast and durable. So it was only logical that we equipped our first Saare 41ac with Elvström sails. The new EPEX sails are even better and even more durable than the previous generation on the Dufour 40R. We have recommended the EPEX sails to all Saare buyers, almost all of them have opted for these sails and are highly satisfied.
Due to a good, direct contact with the Danish Elvström sailmaker, the dimensions are right and the sails fit perfectly.

Based on the experience of our customers and our many years of experience from many thousands of nautical miles, we always recommend the 104% jib / genoa III as the first choice for the headsail. The sail pulls well even in light winds and stands perfectly on all courses in strong winds. With the Furlex headsail reefing system, it can be reefed continuously. On a Saare yacht, the haul point can be pulled forward from the cockpit, thanks to the ball-bearing car with line adjustment from HARKEN. This means that the jib’s haul point can always be trimmed from the safety of the cockpit, even in strong winds.

This is matched by a horizontally fully battened EPEX mainsail or, nowadays more and more, the vertically battened mainsail, which is sailed in the Selden mast on the mast reefing system. Elvström’s furling mainsail is only slightly smaller than a conventional mainsail, stands excellently and is easy to trim. Above all, it is quick and easy to reef and recover in virtually all situations, without anyone having to leave the cockpit.
Another advantage is that as soon as the mainsail has been rolled back into the mast, it is already completely cleared up, the deck is tidy and the helmsman has a clear view during the harbour manoeuvre.

With these two sails, a Saare yacht is already well equipped. We are happy to recommend these expensive, but also durable and excellently standing sails. A yacht as perfect as a Saare yacht also needs first-class sails.

A great addition is a Code Zero. It is rolled up, taken directly from the sail storage space on deck and then set with the top halyard. Struck directly at the bow or at the bowsprit, it is rolled out and brings the Saares to fantastic speeds even in very little wind. A speed through the water that is higher than the true wind is not uncommon. Enjoy hovering above the water at a speed of 8 knots in mirror-smooth water and 5, 6 or 8 knots of true wind.

And last but not least, of course, a gennaker is also a sail that is a lot of fun. Low courses are a real pleasure, the Saare sails quickly and easily. Even with wind forces of 5 and more, the ship can be steered well, even the Raymarine autopilot works reliably. We have already sailed with our Saare 41.2, with the support of high waves and with autopilot, speeds of up to 12.5 knots.


Saare 41 Jib 105 % EPEX, 39.6 sqm
EPEX with black Technora 22,000 dpi threads.
Tafetta white on both sides. With furling reinforcement. UV protection grey.
This sail fits on any Saare 41ac, Saare 41cc and of course on the new Saare 41.2.
The sail has not yet been sailed. Unfortunately, there was a wrong order, so this sail can now be offered at a one-time special price.
List price €11,691         Asking price €9,400 incl. 19 % VAT

It still fits in time to order a new sail for the next trip. We will be happy to advise you and show you the sails on board.
When you buy a new Elvström sail for your Saare yacht, we now give you 2 sporty Elvström polo shirts as a gift.

News from the Saare 38.2


  1. Due to a customer’s requirements, we now also offer a version with a classic chart table on the Saare 38.2. It’s all there with a card compartment, drawers and storage space under the seat, a switch panel and space for instruments and displays. As a result, the starboard bench seat is shorter, the diesel tank a little smaller.


  1. Due to popular demand during boot 2024, we are now developing the targa bar for this yacht. It has proven itself very well on the 41.2 and now the Saare 38.2 sailors also want this solution.

Information about the new Saare 47 can now be found on our website
Next week, photos and up-to-date information about the construction progress and details from the shipyard will follow.
We also report on Facebook and Instagram about this new cruising yacht.

So far, it looks like we will be able to present the new flagship at the trade fair in Neustadt at the end of May. The first interested parties have already registered and the national and international trade press has also arranged test dates. At the start of the 2025 season, we can only build one of these great yachts.

Used yachts at yse  

Currently we can offer a Saare 41.2, a Saare 41ac, a C-Yacht 11.00 and a Saare motorboat Stormer 7.

yse Gebrauchtyachten

We are looking forward to the 2024 season.

Even if you don’t want to sail your new Saare yacht until the 2025 season, we should start a detailed conversation soon.

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