Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Saare Friends,

The 2023 sailing season is slowly coming to an end. Here at the Baltic Sea, this summer was very changeable, sunny and warm with the best sailing conditions in May and June, but also cool and wet in July and August.
In mid-July, the two of us started with our new Saare 41.2 in Eckernförde and sailed about 600 nm to Kuressare in Estonia in 7 days. There, my son Niels had handled the delivery of a new Saare 38.2 and then drove with his wife and toddler to the Finnish archipelago for a few days. We then continued via Aaland Islands, Stockholm and the Göta Canal to the Kattegat in Gothenburg. From there it was only a few miles to our home port of Eckernförde. Overall, despite moderate weather, this was a nice, varied and relaxing tour over 8 weeks. We really enjoyed the good sailing characteristics, but also the excellent thermal insulation of our Saare.

Another detail that we really appreciated on the wet and cold days was our small “cockpit tent” in the cockpit. We also had a real, large cockpit cover with us, but we didn’t even use it. There is enough space below deck in bad weather. However, we used the back wall, which you can leave rolled up on the Targa arch, almost every day.
We used it to dry wet cloth and our laundry (by the way, we often ran our washing machine on board). But we also enjoyed this small cockpit tent very much as an extended airspace, a protected entrance area in case of rain and also as weather protection when sailing.

At the Saare Yachts shipyard in Estonia we have now started to build the new Saare 47cc.
The hull is finished, the first parts of the wooden construction are in progress and things are now progressing with great strides. At the same time, we are working on a Saare 41.2 for a customer from Austria.
More information about the new Saare 47cc can be found at the end of this mail.

Boat christening in Hamburg

On 22.9. we were invited to the boat christening of a new Saare 38.2. The owner couple had picked up the new yacht themselves in Estonia in July / August and sailed via Estonia, Finland, Aaland, Sweden including the Göta Canal and through Denmark to Eckernförde. The ceremony took place in Hamburg with many friends and acquaintances in the Speicherstadt. In the immediate vicinity of the Elbphilharmonie, the yacht was blessed by a preacher. With a great deal of expertise and precision, the two of them had planned and equipped their Saare very individually for long journeys.
We congratulate and rejoice together with the owners about this beautiful yacht.

Test sail now:

We cordially invite you to visit us now in late summer / autumn in Eckernförde. We would be happy to show you our new Saare 41.2 and also a new Saare 38.2 and go on board with you for a test run. Where better to see and experience a sailing yacht than directly on the water!
Steer the 41.2 or the 38.2 yourself and experience how balanced, safe and fast these yachts sail. Learn how excellent the Saare manoeuvres and get to know the comfort in the cockpit and below deck.
Please call us now or send us an e-mail so that we can plan an appointment with you soon. We can still build another Saare yacht for summer 2024.

The new Saare 47cc is under construction. Many decisions have been made in recent weeks, some details still need to be planned. It is clear that this yacht also fully lives up to our concept of a well-thought-out, very high-quality owner’s yacht. Two very comfortable double cabins, one in the stern area and the other in the foredeck, 2 spacious wet rooms, a great galley, and a lot of storage space, as you know it from Saare yachts, can be found on board.

The new Saare 47cc also has the typical features of a Saare yacht. A relatively narrow width guarantees the best sailing and manoeuvrability characteristics. Slightly rounder lines under water not only tolerate high loads, but also ensure smooth insertion in steep waves. The solid construction with an all-round laminated hull-deck connection, an extremely strong floor assembly and laminated bulkheads, the application of the elaborate vacuum infusion process, as well as the exclusive use of high-quality vinylester resin guarantee maximum strength and a long service life.

The Saare 47cc is made for long, worldwide journeys. Personal equipment, accessories, spare parts and supplies can be stowed on board for many months. There are four large deck storage spaces including a very large sail storage space in the foredeck. In addition, an anchor locker and a compartment for the life raft are available.
Below deck, there is also a large closet area with storage boxes for accessories, spare parts, tools and supplies. A very large heated wet cloth cabinet, can be found in the passage to the aft cabin.

Many things on board this new yacht have been rethought and decided in a very innovative way. A 48 volt electrical system not only operates the electric winches, thrusters and anchor winch, but also the propulsion. We will install an electric motor from Ocean Volt and will be able to drive silently and elegantly with it. When sailing, the batteries are recharged via the propeller (recuperation), and a generator is also added on board. Of course, the electric drive is only an option, some sailors will still prefer a diesel built-in machine.

On this yacht we are installing a completely new, innovative stern platform. Very elegant and easily accessible, it offers various advantages. The platform grows to about 85 cm x 145 cm tall. We’ll tell you more about that later.

This Saare 47cc gets a luxurious, very usable, large galley directly to starboard next to the companionway. A fridge and freezer, as well as a large cooler are standard. This gives you a 90 l freezer, a 130 l fridge and a 75 l cool box that you can use as a fridge or freezer. (optionally, additional deep/cooling units are possible). There is also the possibility to install a Siemens dishwasher and a microwave.
Cooking is electric, which has proven itself on the Saare 41.2! We will install the GN Espace Levante stove with oven/grill and induction hob.

Are you interested in taking over this demonstration yacht in mid 2024? Would you still like to have an influence on the design? We look forward to your call or email.

Demo-Saare yacht for sale

We offer you our Saare 41.2, built in 2023, for sale. The yacht is absolutely new and first-class equipped.
If you are interested, we will be happy to tell you more and send you the equipment list.

We wish you a nice late summer in the harbour and at sea.

For the 2024 season we can still build a new Saare yacht.

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