Dear Sir or Madam, dear Saare friends,

slowly we start the new season.  The weather on the Baltic Sea is still very changeable, one day you think spring is here and the next day it is cold, stormy, and wet again.  The preparations on the yachts are largely completed, and almost all ships in our winter storage are cleaned, painted, and polished. Here and there minor damages were repaired or components renewed. We have supplied new Elvström sails for some customers and sometimes retrofitted other navigation electronics.

6. We craned a brand new Saare 38.2 at our Eckernförde harbor in March.  The Hamburg customer had ordered this dark blue Saare at the beginning of 2022, now the 38.2 came on the truck directly from Estonia by ferry across the Baltic Sea to Lübeck and then on to us.
Even if we know that a blue hull is sensitive, you have to realize that a Saare yacht looks particularly good in this color.

Now we are also making the new Saare 41.2 ready for sailing.  We want to sail this yacht ourselves in spring and then present the ship at the In Water fair in Neustadt in May.
Before that, a journalist from England wants to test the new Saare 41.2 for a report in SAILING TODAY.
The YACHT also reported online, in great detail about this yacht and the special concept and pointed out the special features. The online article achieved an exceptionally high response. Over 52,000 people were interested in this article.  Thus, the report on the Saare 41.2 in February was very far ahead.
Meanwhile, one also hears from other shipyards that they pursue the idea of 2-person yachts and want to implement it in the future.

  • From 12 to 14 May we present the new Saare 41.2 at the YACHTFESTIVAL in Neustadt at the Lübecker bay

Saare Yachts brochure 2023

Saare 41.2   Test the Best

Today we invite you to make an appointment for a test sailing with the new Saare 41.2. A few dates in April and early May are still available. We are happy to show you this yacht on the water, you can experience how excellent the Saare sails, how well the ship handles at the helm, and how easily it maneuvers in the harbor.
Current photos of the Targa bar, the sprayhood, the wings, and the cake stall, and detailed information about the new Saare 41.2 can be found here:

more information about the Saare 41.2

Saare used and demonstration yachts
Saare 41.2 Exhibition yacht boot Düsseldorf 2023
Initially, we had built this yacht privately for us. We wanted to sail long and far north to Lofoten this summer. For personal reasons, this is unfortunately not yet possible in 2023, so the exhibition yacht is now for sale.

Saare 41ac
We sold the Saare 41ac from Barcelona to a fair trade visitor directly after boot 23.  Also, both Saare 41ac from Eckernförde, which we had offered in winter, are sold.

There are currently no used boat offers.

We are looking for used Saare yachts for reserved customers.
Almost all used Saare yachts are sold throughout Europe via Yachtsport Eckernförde.
No one knows the ships better than we do, nobody knows so many potential buyers. Prospective buyers are listed in our customer file, they are the first to know about a new offer by e-mail.
Even when selling a used Saare, we stand behind it with our full range of services, offering a thorough consultation and a detailed technical briefing, a berth, winter storage, and the yse full service.

We are now working intensively on the development of the Saare 46cc. There are already many very good and also very unusual ideas. Together with our employees in the shipyard, we are now examining the feasibility of our thoughts in the cabins, on deck, at the stern, in the cockpit and the development of an innovative propulsion concept.

The Saare 46 should be the most perfect sailing and long-distance yacht for two people or even for four people. Large tank volumes, a lot of storage space in all areas, and as with all Saare yachts, first-class and uncomplicated sailing characteristics will distinguish this yacht in addition to a contemporary construction with the best materials and innovative board electrics.
We are happy to keep you updated and report on the progress at the trade fair in Neustadt.

We can deliver new Saare yachts for the 2024 season.

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