Photo: Ekke Erben

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Saare Friends,

Exactly one year ago we started on July 2nd in Eckernförde for the big Saare squadron trip. 8 Saare yachts from Germany and Luxembourg sailed together, partly Saare yachts from Estonia and Finland joined. Even a year ago, the weather on the Baltic Sea was cool, wet and often very windy.
On Friday, 15.7., we started in the late afternoon for a nice final night trip in Ventspils. After 75 nm we reached Koiguste, our favorite port in Estonia. The night was short and bright, the wind came from aft with moderate winds and the fleet sailed quite close together across the Bay of Riga. Around midnight the moon rose, a full moon that accompanied us to the harbor. The Saare 41cc² BLUE MARE was the first to arrive, all other Saare yachts followed within an hour.
This dream trip, there was only a short stroke left to Kuressaare, was a wonderful end to an incredibly beautiful, harmonious and eventful journey.


In the evening, we celebrated together with the employees of the shipyard Saare Yachts OÜ in Koiguste. A great buffet with regional specialties and great live music in a very special environment ensured that all participants fell into the bunks completely happy and satisfied late at night. The sun was already rising when the last ones left.

Short NEWS

The Saare 38.2 MOLLI from Neustadt took part in the longest regatta on the Baltic Sea very convincingly. Over 900 nm led the non-stop course from Wismar to Happaranda.
With over 100 participants, the MOLLY took an excellent 11th place after sailing time.

The Saare 41ac MILA of our owner from Prague is currently sailing in the Azores, here is a photo from Flores.

The LUNA NOSTRA (title photo), Saare 38 from Kiel, has once again participated in the Aerö Rund Regatta with great success.

GODELIEF, the Saare 46cc from Portugal is now on its way back from Madeira.

SEASOUL, the Saare 41ac is now moored in Rotterdam. The couple bought this yacht a few weeks ago.

Saare 38 HORNPIEPER will sail again this summer in Estonia and Finland.

The Saare 41ac BASILISK, with the owner from Luxembourg, is now in Le Havre for a few weeks and then continues its journey south.

A few weeks ago we handed over the Saare 41.2 CANNELLE to the owner couple from Poland. Now they are in Eckernförde, equipping a little further and then sailing further south through the NOK. In autumn they want to be in Spain / Portugal. They are now living on board for a longer period of time, have two workspaces in the ship and want to continue their journey in the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

The MEERZEIT, a Saare 38.2 sails this summer on the North Sea and in the English Channels.

KATHARINA, a Saare 41ac from Malta, had spent the winter in Lorient / France after finishing the big Atlantic round last autumn. Now they were heading north and had traveled extensively to Iceland (photo). Now they are on the way in the direction of Eckernförde.

Saare 41ac MILA in Iceland
Saare 41ac KATHARINA on the Azores, island Flores.

We are now also starting our holidays and sailing a long Baltic Sea trip with our new Saare 41.2 with changing crews. From Eckernförde we want to sail quickly to Estonia, where the handover and delivery of a new Saare 38.2 is still pending. Afterwards we continue to Finland and the Aaland Islands. In Stockholm there will be another crew change before we sail through the Göta Canal to Gothenburg and further over the Kattegat back to Eckernförde.

Soon we will start building our new flagship. Some innovations have already been decided, many other things are still being discussed. What is certain, however, is that we will equip our Saare 47cc with many new ideas and innovative solutions. Stay tunned.

We wish you a wonderful summer, enjoyable cruises and beautiful experiences at sea, at anchor and in the ports.

We can deliver a Saare yacht for the 2024 season.

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