Dear Sir or Madam,
dear Saare friends,

We would like to thank all guests who visited us at our booth in Düsseldorf. It was a great fair!

Due to the large amount of interested people, there was often too little time for detailed discussions. We would have liked to talk about technical details and advantages of the Saare yachts for a longer period.

It was good to meet interested parties, customers and colleagues again. The clear feedback from our visitors through their comparison with yachts from other shipyards, we learn a lot about the wishes and priorities of our customers. The large trade fair offers an excellent opportunity for this. We notice where we stand out clearly, but also where we can improve further.
Again and again we heard that we convince with the best details and ideas, we offer the clearest concepts and qualitatively belong to the best that the European yacht market has to offer. These discussions make us very proud.
In 2016, we bought the shipyard in Estonia and explained in a first conversation with all employees that it was not our goal to grow quickly or to constantly develop new models. Our goal is to build the best cruising yachts in Europe in the size of 11 to 15 m. We have already come quite close to this goal.

  • In the meantime, the Saare 41.2, the H-boat and the entire trade fair crew have arrived safely in the north. From now on we look forward to your visit here in Eckernförde.
  • For the 2023 season we can now deliver the exhibition yacht,  further new Saare yachts then again in winter 2023/24.
  • Shipyard tour: From 1 to 21 April we invite you to visit the shipyard in Estonia. We show you some Saare yachts in different construction phases and look forward to a dinner together in Kuressaare, to which we cordially invite you.
  • From 12 to 14 May we present the new Saare 41.2 at the YACHTFESTIVAL in Neustadt at the Lübecker bay

Saare 46cc

This spring and summer we will work intensively with the Saare 46cc and in particular completely revise the interior layout. The interest in our largest Saare has continued to grow, the demand for this model was also high in Düsseldorf.

Would you like to plan the next Saare 46cc together with us?
We have already talked to some interested parties about their wishes and requirements. It became clear that many sailors want a larger, even more comfortable yacht, the very good sailing characteristics of a Saare are just as important to them as the very high build quality. In the size between 45 and 50 feet, there is not much choice. A high degree of customisation is also desired. Far too little storage space on and below deck is a frequent point of criticism – we have listened carefully and will take these things into account.

We look forward to your criticism and suggestions in mails and good conversations.

Saare Yachts brochure 2023

New at Boot 2023: Saare 41.2

This yacht was one of the highlights of this year’s fair in Düsseldorf. With new ideas and their perfect implementation, we succeeded in significantly improving the proven Saare 41ac and arousing the curiosity of the trade press and sailors.
Especially from other European countries we had many camera teams on board, many journalists were there and wrote reports and test sailing dates were arranged with Sailing Today from Great Britain.

The trend towards larger yachts that are sailed one-handed or by 2 people continues to intensify. Especially in the field of high-quality, individual yachts, this trend is very clear. We had already responded very successfully years ago with the Saare 38.2 as a 2 passenger yacht and have now followed with the slightly larger Saare 41.

But there was also criticism:
The Targa bar was discussed quite controversially. Many sailors were enthusiastic about the open and free cockpit without traveller, others were visually disturbed by the bracket over the decline and some bumped their heads.
Surely it was unfortunate to set up the Targa bar all alone without the sprayhood. The sprayhood is always attached to the stainless steel frame of the windshield and in this case also in a piping rail on the targa bar. It looks very elegant, is very solid and firm. The targa bracket is then no higher than the stainless steel brackets from the sprayhood would be.
Aft of the targa bar, the so-called “wings” can be mounted on the sides to protect against wind and water, a bimini and a complete cockpit tent can be connected to the targa bar. Another great solution is the aft, almost vertical end, which then practically forms an enclosed deckhouse. This allows you to sit optimally protected on deck at night or in bad weather and sail with a full panoramic view.
In any case, the targa bar is only an option.

Current photos of the Targa bar, the sprayhood, the wings and cockpit tent and detailed information about the new Saare 41.2 can be found here:

Saare used and demonstration yachts Saare 41.2 Exhibition yacht boot Düsseldorf 2023

Originally, we had built this yacht privately for us. We already wanted to sail long and far north this season. For personal reasons, this is unfortunately not yet possible, so the exhibition yacht is now for sale.

Saare 41ac
We sold the Saare 41ac from Barcelona to a trade fair visitor directly after boot 23. There are currently no other used boat offers.

 We are looking for used Saare yachts for reserved customers.

Now, in mid-February, the days are getting longer and longer, from time to time the sun shines and the new sailing season comes into view. In just three weeks, we will crane a brand new Saare 38.2, which then comes directly from the shipyard, and the Saare 41.2 in our port. We are looking forward to summer, cheerful people in our port and good times at sea.

We can deliver new Saare yachts for autumn or the 2024 season. With the exhibition yacht you can start immediately and sail already in the season 2023.

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