Dear Sir or Madam,
dear Saare friends,

Christmas is already over, we hope everyone had a little peace and could enjoy Christmas contemplatively. Now, right before the turn of the year, there is also time for a brief look back. Hardly any of us can remember a worse year. Times are truly not good, too many crises and a war as close to us as no one could ever imagine.
Let us look forward to a happy turn of the year, to a healthy and better New Year and above all to a more peaceful future.

The days are getting longer again.
Summer 2023 is coming into sight!
Let’s all look forward to a better year 2023.

New Saare 41.2

Our new Saare 41.2 will soon be loaded and transported from the shipyard to the trade fair in Düsseldorf.
Step by step, we have further developed the magnificent Saare 41ac over the past two years. We have implemented new ideas, tried out innovative technology and analyzed the demands of our customers even more precisely. The whole thing is not a revolution, but the customer-specific evolution of the very proven Saare 41ac. You don’t have to reinvent a really good yacht, but we are constantly striving to improve our Saare Yachts.

New at boot 2023: Saare 41.2

After the great success of the Saare 38.2, which was presented as a special 2-person yacht in 2019 at the boot in Düsseldorf, now follows the Saare 41.2.
The Saare 38.2 had inspired the trade audience, as well as many sailors and customers. The praise and comments were effusive, the interest from the beginning great.
Never before had the demands of a 2-person crew, or a single-handed sailor, been implemented so consistently and demandingly. The development of this concept was based on the observations of the Saare development team and was carried out in close consultation with the first clients.
The success of this yacht is unbroken, some Saare 38.2 were additionally ordered with the optional guest cabin. Currently, 2 Saare 38.2 have just been delivered in the original version with two very spacious, walk-in storages in the stern area, in addition to the large sail storage space in the bow.
Customer inquiries and own considerations have now led to the further development of the great Saare 41ac in this direction and to present it again as Saare 41.2.
By the way, the addition 2 does not apply as version 2 or Mark 2 or similar as often at other shipyards, but stands as a clear indication of the optimal crew size on board. Just as Saare 41.2, probably the best cruising yacht for 2 persons.

Many photos and detailed information about the new Saare 41.2  can be found here:

Visit us at the trade fair in Düsseldorf.
At boot 2023 we will show the new Saare 41.2 in hall 16 at booth A44.

Finally, after 2 years of abstinence, a boat show will open its gates again.
We look forward to your visit in Düsseldorf.

We present the new Saare 41.2 and also the Saare H-boat as a premiere.

It might get crowdy next year in Düsseldorf. In addition, significantly fewer sailing yachts are exhibited and it may well be that it gets very crowded at our stand and on the Saare 41.2 at times.
But we would like to take a lot of time for you and offer you the opportunity to look at our yacht in peace. Since we do not know if, and what special Covid restrictions await us all, it is certainly very useful to arrange a viewing appointment.

Please call us to make an appointment on 0049 4351 – 752734, or send an e-mail to During the fair you can reach us at 0049 – 174-1844423.

We look forward to seeing you at booth A 44 in hall 16.

Saare Yachts on Tour
From Klaipeda to Liepaja

Squadron trip of the Saare fleet in summer 2022 from Eckernförde to Kuressaare. After all Saare yachts were safely moored in the central marina in Klaipeda in the late afternoon, all crews came to rest quite quickly. The 140 nm trip with high, crisscrossing waves and cool weather had been exhausting.
It turned out that it was really good to change our planning and start one day earlier in Łeba / Poland. The weather got even worse, it was cool and stormy. We enjoyed our cosy warm yachts and rested. All crews have visited the nearby city center, Klaipeda is really worth seeing. Nice restaurants had to be explored, the delicious Lithuanian beer had to be tested and for the following day the visit of the Curonian Spit was scheduled.

The skipper of the HORNPIEPER (Saare 38) had put a lot of effort into organizing a great trip to the Curonian Spit. He had rented a bus for the day, which picked us up at the port in the morning and took us by ferry to the spit. There was already a guide waiting to show us the spit and especially Nida. He emigrated from Fehmarn to Lithuania about 10 years ago and knew his way around perfectly. Many things, as usually in such tours almost too many, he has shown us, explained and reported a lot of history. Of course we saw the Thomas Man House in Nidden and the huge shifting dune with the Russian/Lithuanian border. For the return trip to Kleipeda a trip with a ferry on the Curonian Lagoon was actually planned. Unfortunately, it had to fail, the excursion boat had an engine failure. So we went back by bus and we had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Spit.

Before we went on again, we had a great evening with us on board the Chaos 65.  We were 18 people in the salon of Saare 41, the abundant red wine supplies were brought to zero, the atmosphere was great.

The next morning, the harbour master opened the swing bridge to be operated by hand and our Saare fleet left again and sailed seaward on the Memel. At sea we expected a restless, old wave and initially good 5 wind forces. We sailed exactly north. The coasts of Lithuania and Latvia were deserted, an infinitely long beach, behind it mostly a small cliff and large pine forests accompanied us to starboard. After sailing fast 55 nm we reached Liepāja in Latvia. The huge outer harbour reminds us that the big Baltic Sea fleet of the Soviet Union was once stationed here. New floating docks had recently been built in the small guest harbour and the harbour master was already waiting for us. On the AIS he had seen the Saare fleet, so many yachts had not been in his harbor all summer. He worked extra overtime, helped everyone mooring the boats and answered our questions. The next day most wanted to go shopping in the great market hall, then we went on to the next harbour. Let’s go to Ventspils in Latvia.

We wish you all the best for the year 2023.

With maritime greetings

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